Ekta Kapoor launches show on MTV

Ekta Kapoor not keen on marrying TV or film star
Ekta Kapoor not keen on marrying TV or film star

In a recent candid chat to Times Of India about her future plans, recently turned filmmaker Ekta Kapoor disclosed that her parents are eager to get her married.

When asked about the kind of men she prefers, she replied, “I can’t tell you who I am going to marry but I can definitely tell you who I am not going to marry. I will never… never ever… marry a television or film actor. The rest I don’t know.”

Kapoor also spoke about her next release ‘Ragini MMS 2’ (2013) featuring Sunny Leone. She told the publication, “I told my casting director that the actor opposite Sunny should be good-looking and desirable enough for women to enjoy watching him on the big screen. It’s about time women unabashedly enjoyed adult content. It’s also time to tell you what women want…”

Kapoor has six films lined up for release this year and is also hoping for six more releases in 2014. All the films are themed around adult content and under the ‘Alt Entertainment’ banner.

By Rishi Modi