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Dr Zeus apologises to Amrik Singh Shera for not crediting him

Popular UK based music producer, Dr Zeus has apologised to Amrik Singh Shera for using his lyrics and not crediting him.

Zeus, known for hit songs like “Baby Doll” (Ragini MMS) and “Kamlee” (Happy New Year), released “Gwandian Da Dhol”, which featured vocals of Richa Chadha. However, the song was dragged into controversy after Shera claimed that the lyrics were originally written by him in the 90s. He complained that he was not credited by Zeus for the same. Furthermore, Shera had filed a similar complaint about his song “Kala Chashma” (Baar Baar Dekho) after Amar Arshi was credited for the song over him in 2016.

DNA India reports that Zeus has cleared the issues with Shera by not only crediting him but also helping him join the IPRS (Intellectual Property Right Society).

Zeus said, “The song originally released on my Kangana album (2008). I have the paperwork for the writer, who would have been paid along with the singer. At the time, the deal was done with a company in London that I was signed up with. They relinquished all the rights to me, which I have documents for. I’ve never been accused of such a thing ever in my career. I’d never make anyone spend the money on something that I do not have the paperwork to. I was unaware that Amrik Singh Shera penned the song because Amar Arshi claimed to be the lyricist.”

He added, “I met Amrik recently. I have apologised to him for unknowingly using his lyrics and not crediting him. I gave him a little token because he didn’t want money. I’m also helping him join the IPRS to safeguard his rights and educate him about the royalty business. The money will go directly into his bank account every time the song is played. The credit has been changed on our platforms.

It was my mistake for not understanding that Amar Arshi has not written the song. Every artiste must get what’s due to them. I’m also collaborating with Amrik on more songs. When a song does well, I’m open to working with the collaborator again.”