Dheeraj Dhoopar on TV actors not getting same opportunities as B-town stars

Ketna Mistry



Dheeraj Dhoopar who stars in the popular TV drama ‘Kundali Bhagya’ has criticised the unfairness that television actors face when looking for other acting opportunities on other platforms such as OTT.

Reported on Pinkvilla, Dhoopar who like many, want to breakaway from being typecast as just a television actor said, “I am trying my luck in films and OTT, but I haven’t got a single call from a good OTT platform. Why does a maker on an OTT platform only approach a film star? I agree that actors across other mediums are very talented and hard-working. But we, too, have proved our mettle time and again. Then why don’t we get equal opportunities and respect like our Bollywood counterparts?”

Asked if he feels the reason for this could be because TV actors are over exposed, he disagreed and said that anyone who is in the entertainment industry is exposed. For Dhoopar, any exposure is only a good thing as more work will follow. He believes he has what it takes and that his fight is for getting the respect he deserves.

Dhoopar conclude with, “I am a part of the entertainment industry and I shouldn’t be slotted as a TV artiste. If I become a part of OTT shows or films, I won’t be addressed by the medium I am acting on, right? I will still be called an actor, and that is what I am striving for. People say that the lines are blurring. But why was there a demarcation in the first place? Casting directors appreciate our talent, but the minute they get to know that we are from television, they change their minds. We shouldn’t be treated like a pariah. I want to explore every medium simultaneously. People assume that just because we are busy doing a daily soap, we won’t be able to take up another project. What if I can strike a balance between two projects?”