Deepika Padukone on ‘Padmaavat’ being incomplete without Ranveer & Shahid

Shyama Sudra



Reaping the rewards for a stand out performance in her latest release with Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in ‘Padmaavat’ (2018), Deepika Padukone has spoken out stating how the film wouldn’t have been what it is without her two co-stars.

“I don’t think ‘Padmaavat’  would have been “Padmaavat’ without Ranveer as Khilji and Shahid Kapoor as Maha Rawal Ratan Singh,” Pinkvilla reports the actress stating.

“They have done what they have done with a big heart and a lot of generosity and I recognize that; for the work that they have put in and for the risks that both of them have taken for the film. A lot of people advised them to not do the film because the film was the name of female protagonist,” she added.

With Singh having played a much darker character, Padukone spoke about how she felt it’s taken him one step closer to super stardom. ” I think he delivered a performance that he literally sunk his teeth into. He wasn’t awkward with the part. It looked like he enjoyed every minute of it. Ranveer Singh’s performance in ‘Padmaavat” has catapulted him into a very fine place.”

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