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Hate Story 3۪ (2015) actress Daisy Shah expressed how she wants to do a love story as her next film, mainly for the kind of songs in the genre.

Shah tells Indian Express, I have tried girl-next-door. I have done the role of a corporate woman, a love story is something that I would like to work on.۝

The songs in a love story are very good, very mellow, the kind of songs I have not done either in the south films or here. Maybe that۪s one of the reasons why I want to do a romantic film,۝ she added.

Shah played a girl-next-door in her debut ‘Jai Ho’ (2014) and a corporate woman involving in some steamy scenes in her second film, ‘Hate Story 3.’ Both films had a romantic angle to it but were not out-and-out love stories.

Asked about doing a female-oriented film, Shah said, ۝ I would love to, a biopic maybe.۝

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