Choklate Pi Single: “Babul was gifted to me by Vipin Patwa”


Choklate Pi Single is elated with the response to his latest release ‘Babul’ rendered by Arunita Kanjilal, which has been produced by Vipin Patwa and released through Musiq Pie.

Talking about the song, Choklate said, “‘Babul’ and it’s conception was an equally surprising song for Musiq Pie (as the previous song Yaad) and actually it’s an equally interesting story but for different reasons !

I have been friends with Vipin Patwa for some time, we had been chatting, Many times we agreed we would meet but couldn’t happen. Then just a few days ago, by complete coincidence we bumped into each other at a recording studio; he had just finished a recording session, I was just going into the studio to record a song with Idol 12 finalist Mohamed Danish for Musiq Pie. I mentioned my music label and requested a song from him, Vipin bhai also happily confirmed.

A few days later he sent me a song; and I thought it was a new film song he had worked on, either going to be released or already released as it sounded like a Bollywood track. Imagine my surprise when he told me it wasn’t his song, it was actually mine and that he was gifting it to me to release! I thought he was kidding, but he was serious! It’s truly a beautiful song. Finding a singer to do that song justice was easy; I immediately thought of Arunita Kanjilal as I knew her voice would suit a song like this. So I sent it to her and within moments of listening to it, she came back to me and told me she loved it, and that’s when I told her it was hers; we would be recording this tomorrow.

‘Babul’ is a song about Bidaai -something every family can relate to. It’s a Rajasthani folk based wedding song and it’s been a long time since any song was released in this genre. Honestly Arunita Kanjilal and Vipin Patwa have done such a remarkable job; they have brought so much emotion and passion in this song it will become a classic and I am certain will be played at weddings all over the world for time to come.

The Video of Babul is directed by Filmmaker Joe Rajan who directed Viacom 18’s film Luv U Soniyo and with his forthcoming Marathi film ‘Kolhapur Diaries’ set to release soon.

I personally recommended Pawan be the music arranger for this song; I have had first hand experience of his technical ability and he hasn’t disappointed. So many great people are involved in this project. I hope everyone will give them and Vipin Patwa, Arunita Kanjilal and Pawandeep & their talent all the support and love for the song which it deserves.

The fans have supported Musiq Pie so much, their love has been overwhelming. I started this label only last year and what can I say, in such a short amount of time Musiq Pie has already been awarded the highly coveted You Tube silver button. It’s awarded to channels with over 100K subscribers but only at the discretion of You Tube; not every channel with this amount of subscribers even gets it so I am extremely honoured indeed as the owner of Musiq Pie to be one of the recipients of such a prestigious award; it’s testament to the huge amount of fan love out there for the Musiq Pie label and my brilliant team who work tirelessly releasing great original songs month after month. As a music label, we are committed to nurturing new talent but definitely privileged and blessed to have so many leading household names in music attached to our label at the same time.

I hope they continue to shower all their love on ‘Babul’ as they have done for all our releases.”

Choklate, Pawandeep & Arunita