Channel S in breach over political message


Bangladeshi entertainment service, Channel S has been warned by Ofcom for broadcasting an advertisement of a political party, giving prominence over other political parties.

The advertisement invited supporters to an Iftar party at a restaurant in East London. The advertisement was broadcast ten times across a period of four days leading up to the event in August.

Channel S said that it “made no reference to any matters of a political nature as defined by Rule 7.2.2 [in the code].”

Channel S noted that, following Ofcom’s imposition of a financial penalty on it in December 2008, for the repeated broadcast of an advertisement on behalf of the Liberal Democrat Party, new procedures were put in place, requiring that ���advertisements be vetted by fully qualified staff within the organisation.�۝ Channel S added that “full and further training was provided to its employees who make the executive decision with regard to the airing of advertisements.”

Ofcom noted that the advertisement broadcast by Channel S was not directed towards a political end as it simply promoted a social event. However, the party in question is one of the major political parties in Bangladesh and therefore a body “whose objects are wholly or mainly of a political nature.”

Ofcom therefore puts Channel S on notice that any further breach of Rule 7.2 of the BCAP Code will result in consideration of a further statutory sanction.

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