BritAsia TV partners with Clear Channel to promote free mobile sims to NHS staff

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


BritAsia TV have partnered with Clear Channel, one of the world’s leading Out of Home media owners, to promote BritAsia Mobile’s free Sim Cards to NHS staff.

Clear Channel deliver advertisements across the country via billboards, and so the decision to partner was made on the basis that many members of staff on route to hospital saving lives, could view and access the free Sim Cards.

With BritAsia Mobile having been released recently, CEO of BritAsia TV, Tony Shergill, wanted to celebrate the launch of their new network by offering NHS Staff free Sim Card’s during this uncertain time – making them the first telecom provider to do so. Features of this bespoke SIM include unlimited minutes and texts, and 500MB of data, which these key workers will be able to utilise in order to stay connected to their loved ones.

Shergill said, “We are currently in a state of crisis with Covid – 19 and its detrimental impacts on the world. We must overcome this challenging time, by staying connected to our loved ones and ensuring that businesses maintain their operations as much as they possibly can. We were hoping to launch in a few months’ time, however, pushed the launch forward as it is essential to stay connected right now. More importantly, we want to give back to the NHS Staff for all of the amazing work they have been doing and are proud to be the first Telecom provider to do so.”

As well as promoting BritAsia Mobile with Clear Channel, Shergill, was also invited to speak on BBC West Midlands Radio, to discuss the importance of supporting NHS Staff and other key workers during this Covid – 19 pandemic.

He spoke with BBC WM Radio Presenter, Caroline Martin, sharing how him and his team have been working tirelessly to give out free mobile SIM Cards from their BritAsia Mobile venture. When asked of the reasoning behind doing this, he said, “There are a lot of frontline NHS workers who are having to stop in apartments as they have children or elderly at home. Giving out free BritAsia Mobile SIM Cards are a way to keep them connected with family and loved ones. Many people at home are using a lot of Internet, and we thought this would be a great thing to do during this pandemic. We’ve been in contact with many NHS Trusts to take advantage of this – many including Sandwell and Birmingham have done so. We may roll these SIM Cards out to other key workers e.g. delivery drivers, bus drivers, care workers. Just so that everyone can keep connected and business can communicate that they are still open, just ensuring that things are moving.”