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BritAsia Fund partners with PatSnap to inspire businesses

BritAsia Fund has announced a partnership with digital platform PatSnap to inspire business and economic growth.

PatSnap is a connected intelligence platform, that allows users to filter data, extract key insights, identify market opportunities and make better business decisions based on AI-powered technology and machine learning.

CEO of BritAsia, Tony Shergill commented: “It has been truly heart-breaking to see the adversity so many have gone through over the past year. I wanted to do more than just give sympathy, so it’s amazing to put this initiative together and see it having such a positive impact on businesses.”

Ray Chohan, PatSnap Co-Founder & VP New Ventures added: “Innovation and entrepreneurialism are pivotal to driving widespread, long-term economic growth. I started PatSnap West from my apartment, so fully support any initiative to help realise the potential of pioneering start-ups.

“As part of our relationship with Pitch It, we are providing start-ups with complimentary advice on their IP strategy (trademarks, patents, copyright, etc) through our enterprise-grade AI-driven software. We are also offering expert guidance and providing priceless access to our global investor network.

“I fully believe that Pitch It will deliver a significant impact and I’m looking forward to seeing the initiative rolled out nationwide.”