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The ever popular Punjabi singer Harrdy Sandhu is back with a brand new single, titled Naah. The song sees him join hands with Jaani and B Praak and features Nora Fatehi in the video. caught up with the singer about the song.

What is your inspiration behind Naah?
We wanted to shift from the romantic soft love space to something more upbeat. The inspiration is the contemporary dance centric global sound right now and we would thought it would be great to make something that can make people dance.

How did you or your team decide on the concept of the video?
The team always wanted to do a Dance centric video for Naah because of the basic groove which makes one move automatically. Luckily Arvindr Khaira, the director had a great vision for the songs in terms of locations and screenplay and we got a great female lead to come on board. The challenge was for me to learn dancing because I had never danced this style before. So there was a lot of hard work that went in for me to learn and execute this. I hope people love it!

What usually personally draws you to a song? (and particularly Naah?)
It’s definitely the first emotions the audio draws. It could be an emotion of happy love or longing or making your shoulders move. If a song catches my attention at first go, I delve deeper into the story that either the lyrics or the music are making. For example, in case of “Soch” it was the heart wrenching emotions while for Naah it was the beat.

How did Nora Fatehi come on board for the video?
The director recommended Nora from one of the earlier cover videos he had seen of her online and we knew her from the earlier music videos she had done. Because she is such an exemplary dancer, she was quite an obvious choice to bring on board. I think she delivered beautifully and we could not have had a better and more gorgeous dance lead on the music video.

How would you describe your collaboration with Jaani and B Praak?
Our collaboration has been one of the most incredible and successful ones in the Industry. Both of them are brothers and they are almost the reason I am in the Industry today.

Is there a particular message you wanted to convey through the song?
No! This song is purely meant for people to dance on and enjoy the groove! I hope people like the song!

What keeps you motivated in music?
Just making sure that I am making fresh ground-breaking content whether it’s the song or lyrics or the video. I think as an Artist it’s our responsibility towards our fans to make sure they get great songs to consume every time and also for the overall Indian Music scene to keep developing. thanks Harrdy Sandhu for sharing his experience and thoughts with us.

Watch the video of ‘Naah’ below

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