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She has been one of Bollywood’s youngest singing sensations who has grown in her career to such an extent that she is now one of the best playback singers the industry has ever seen. However, when being in the presence of Shreya Ghoshal, it is easy to see why she is admired by many both for her talent and her persona.

On Thursday 25th April, Ghoshal landed in London ahead of her tour of UK and Europe. She spent the day being honoured at the House of Commons by Members of Parliament for her contribution to the music of Indian cinema. Just a few hours later, BizAsia caught up with the beautifully talented and hugely popular singer for a short but sweet in conversation.

Shreya Ghoshal
Shreya Ghoshal in London on Thursday

Welcome to London. How does it feel to be here?

It feels at home; London is very homely and it�۪s very beautiful. It�۪s also very royal. It�۪s actually such a gorgeous city and what makes it feel like home are the people, our own people. There are so many Indians, so many Asians here. Every second home is of an Indian, every second eatery is an Indian restaurant and it feels great to be here to represent Bollywood music and sing for my audiences who like me and like my music.

Earlier today, you got recognition in the House of Commons. What was that like?

Oh it was very nice! Apart from the honour and the felicitation, the tour that I was taken on around the Houses of Parliament and the talk of all of the history was great. Barry Gardiner MP gave us a tour and the kinds of things he explained, the history, the architecture and explanation of why each of the things is there was outstanding. I think I have to brush up on my history now. I need to go online, get some books and start reading up.

You have a very prolific fan following on Twitter who call themselves the ��SG Family�۪, is there a message you would like to send to them?

(laughs) Yeh! Oh really��_ there is no other word I could have apart from SG family. That�۪s exactly what I could call them. They are so adorable and I don�۪t think there�۪s been one day where someone has said something bad��_ these guys attack them that badly. Bicharo ki kya haalat ho gayi hogi. They protect me from every evil. It�۪s really like family. We kid��_ they, in a way, find me to inspire them. I think I�۪m very lucky to have such fans.

Like you just said, you�۪re an inspiration for many. Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations in my life is my dad who is sitting right here. In music, in work and in terms of singing, Lataji, Ashaji, Ushaji��_ they are my idols.

The commotion surrounding her was much but not once did it overpower her shining beauty as a person and a star. Keep checking BizAsia for more whilst the lady is in the UK set to take the country by storm with her magical voice.

By Amrita Tanna & Shyama Sudra

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