BizAsia Birthday Love: If Shreya Ghoshal went back in time

Raj Baddhan

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Shreya Ghoshal

With an angelic voice that is able to express every shade of emotion, the queen of melody Shreya Ghoshal has done an immense amount of work in such a short period of time. Something even more amazing is the fact that she�۪s sang for some of the top actresses of today such as Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and even the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It does make one wonder that had Ghoshal been around in the 60s and 70s, which actresses she would have sung for and be suited to. To celebrate the birthday of this wonderful singer on 12th March, BizAsia is taking a take a trip down memory lane to give a glimpse of see which actresses Ghoshal could have sung playback for.

Vyjayanthimala in ��Jewel Thief�۪ (1967)

Vyjayanthimala was what one would consider a classic beauty. Her effortless good looks meant that she was able to play the village belle and if need be a modern city girl. When she was on screen it was hard to take your eyes off her.

Honthon mein aisi baat was a piece of art because of the way it was presented to the audience. Vyjayanthimala�۪s killer expressions and the energetic beat of the music made the song incredible.

The combination of Ghoshal and Vyjayanthimala would have been outstanding. With songs like ��Nagada sang dhol baje�۪ from ��Ramleela�۪ (2013) there is no doubt that Ghoshal would have been able to do an amazing job with this song.

Babita in ��Kismat�۪ (1968)

Ghoshal has sung a number of songs for Babita�۪s daughter Kareena Kapoor Khan and they have been huge hits. Perhaps Ghoshal�۪s voice would have done wonders for Babita also. Looking back Babita had many romantic songs picturised on her and all equally beautiful.

In the song Aao hazoor, blue eyed Babita was seen in a tipsy state where she seems to be at some sort of a party. The lyrics are beautiful making all the listeners want to drift into a world of dreams. They were written by Noor Devasi and the music was given by O P Nayyar.

A song like this which had Babita and Ghoshal together would create magic.

Smita Patil in ��Akhir Kyun�۪ (1985)

Patil was rare and unlike any other actress before her. Although it was acting that she did, the way she expressed pain and sorrow it touched the heart. Her eyes conveyed so much that it was hard to not feel her pain.

Ghoshal has done various genres of songs and the way she is able to adapt to any song given to her, shows just how talented she is. Had Ghoshal sang a song for Patil then Dushman na kare would have been the perfect choice. Both artists have a way of showing pain and sadness via their creative fields. The lyrics focused on Patil�۪s character who is feeling betrayed, saying an enemy wouldn�۪t do what a friend has done to them, which is reward them with a life time of sadness. Ghoshal would have no trouble bringing that pain the character is feeling out into the song with her voice.

Madhubala in ��Howrah Bridge�۪ (1958)

Madhubala began her acting career at a very young age but it took her no time to reach the heights of success. She worked with the biggest names in the industry like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand. Sadly due to a heart condition she passed away at a time when she was considered one of the top actresses of her time.

Songs like Aaye meherbaan came alive simply with Madhubala�۪s glowing presence. The song saw the actress on a stage singing and entertaining guests at an event. Ghoshal�۪s voice would be ideal for the actress Madhubala because of the energy in her voice it would go with this song perfectly. It would be a bit different to some of the songs Ghoshal has done in the past but there is always a first.

Zeenat Aman in ��Roti Kapda Aur Makaan�۪ (1974)

The famous orange sari, open hair and Aman�۪s care free attitude it all worked to create this hit song. Aman�۪s character wants to enjoy the rainy weather regardless of what happens and tries to persuade Manoj Kumar to join her. Her acting showed various emotions from happiness to annoyance at Kumar.

Ghoshal would be able to show that excitement and disappointment of what Aman�۪s character would be feeling if one was to miss such a beautiful chance of her singing Haye haye yeh majboori. In the film ��Guru�۪ (2007) Ghoshal had sung Barso re megha which did very well so there is no doubt that Ghoshal would be able to do the same for Aman on a song like this.

Nargis in ��Awara�۪ (1951)

Nargis was known to be an incredibly talented actress. Even today she is remembered for her work in films like ��Mother India�۪ (1957), ��Barsaat�۪ (1949) and ��Shree 420�۪ (1955) which are all considered classics today.

If Ghoshal was to sing for Nargis then perhaps a song like Ghar aaya mera pardesi from ��Awara�۪ (1951) would be appropriate. This black and white song was supposed to be a dream sequence where Raj Kapoor can see his childhood friend who is trying to help him escape the dark side that is overtaking him.

A harmonious song that displays both affection and happiness between two people, only Ghoshal would be able to do that so confidently.

Asha Parekh in ��Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki�۪ (1978)

Parekh had many good films to her name and she had some incredible songs that she was a part of. Main tulsi tere aangan ki was the title track of the film and saw Parekh in a simple but traditional look. Her character wanted to be loved and to be accepted but it wasn�۪t meant to be. It is a song that is filled with emotions and who better than to display the thoughts and feelings of the character better than Ghoshal.

Soft, classical beats were used for the music and with the lyrics written by Anand Bakshi, it was a lovely combination. Ghoshal�۪s voice would suit a song like this that was picturised on Parekh as she has done a number of songs that have a classical element to them.

Mumtaz in ��Do Raaste�۪ (1969)

Ghoshal�۪s melodious voice would be perfect in the song Bindiya chamkegi, for the talented beauty Mumtaz. The lyrics in the song are about a girl saying to her beloved that her bindi will sparkle, her bracelets will jingle if it takes his sleep away, let it be. Mumtaz was seen draped in an orange sari and adorned with silver jewellery and flowers.

It was a love song with a hint of playfulness and this was shown with Mumtaz constantly distracting Rajesh Khanna from his studies. Ghoshal would be able to add some liveliness with her voice and it would match Mumtaz�۪s playfulness on the screen.

Nutan in ��Anari�۪ (1959)

Nutan was an actress that gave some outstanding performances during her career. From the days she was the heroine to the mother roles every role she did, she did justice to them. Even the songs that were given to her were no less, most of them are considered classics today. One of them is the emotional song Tera jana which saw Nutan distressed and heartbroken by the leaving of a dear one.

Ghoshal could pull off a song like this as she has experimented with various types of songs. It�۪s a song filled with great emotion and sadness but if Ghoshal was to sing for Nutan this collaboration would work.

Sadhana in ��Mera Saaya�۪ (1966)

The fresh faced Sadhana was a beautiful actress who was known for her famous hairstyle, the ��Sadhana cut�۪. The song that audiences associate with Sadhana the most is Jhumka gira re as she gave it her all in the song. The song gained immense popularity with Sadhana�۪s expressions, her charm and the energy in her dancing.

It is no secret that Ghoshal had once sung this song in her earlier days when she began singing. Her voice was remarkable then and it would sound even more amazing now if she was to sing for Sadhana.

BizAsia team wishes Shreya Ghoshal a very happy birthday.

By Yasmin Shabir