New to is our weekly column Biz Bitch. We’ll be scouting around for silly blunders in UK Asian TV, radio and press and bringing them to you.

We’re watching and listening closer than ever to keep certain organisations on their tod! If you spot anything out of place, the time is here now to name and shame…The Biz Bitch!

After indicating on air that she would cover the ‘Bollywood Top 20’ (on Sunrise Radio) for a week, she “sat in” again last Saturday. (That was a long week, wasn’t it?!). Amusingly, she mentioned that while the ‘Official People’s Network Chart Show’ was compiled on the basis of listeners’ votes the ‘Bollywood Top 20′ was now compiled on the songs playing on Sunrise Radio over the week. Correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t the latter a function of listeners’ requests as well?

Sad to see such an immensely popular show eroded by a randomly compiled chart, sub-par content and amateurish presentation!

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