New to is our weekly column Biz Bitch. We’ll be scouting around for silly blunders in UK Asian TV, radio and press and bringing them to you.

We’re watching and listening closer than ever to keep certain organisations on their tod! If you spot anything out of place, the time is here now to name and shame…The Biz Bitch!

A regular mailed us with a rather amusing anecdote…again, to do with the most infamously amateur programme…’Bollywood Top 20′ on Sunrise Radio…He tells us that he messaged the fake Suzi Mann articulating exactly what he felt about the presenter and her show. The smart (or should we say cheeky?) lady actually turned the listener’s words around to make it sound like he was enjoying her show!

It must be real desperation, as it seems to have turned into a regular feature on the show now – not only is the chart made up (on ‘Sunrise airplay’!!), listeners’ mails and texts are too!

‘Love Bollywood’ (Saturday) on the BBC Asian Network, the two self-proclaimed ‘it’ boys of Bollywood had soon to-be-married couple on air to review ‘Singh Is Kinng’. Their clame to fame? The woman was a random Bollywood lover while the man prided himself in being a Hollywood lover who had barely seen two or three Bollywood films in his life. He couldn’t even get the name of the film’s actress right (he called Katrina, Kareena!). So much for credibility (or the lack of it) and they call it the most definitive Bollywood show. Ha!!

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