Birthday Special: The beauty of the seasons with SRK


Bollywood films manage to capture everything from the various emotions a character can feel to their most interesting thoughts. Even the songs are able to portray many things in the space of a few minutes like thoughts, emotions, the weather, society etc.

This year on the 2nd November Shah Rukh Khan will turn 53. So on this occasion would like to celebrate the beauty of the seasons with Khan via five songs.

Celebrate Spring with the title track of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ (1998)
It’s still slightly cold but the sun shines as bright as ever. The arrival of spring is welcomed by the blossoming of flowers and the slight cool breeze. The title track of this film definitely reminds one of this season. Anjali (Kajol), Rahul (Khan) and Tina (Rani Mukerji) are experiencing love for the very first time and as time passes their feelings grow. Just like this season is all about the beginning of new things such can be said about this song and the characters beginning to fall in love.

Khan, Kajol and Mukerji created some beautiful memories with this song which many will always remember. Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan also made history with this song making it one of the most popular songs of the year.

Celebrate Summer with Pretty Woman from ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ (2003)
If there is any song that has summer vibes then it surely has to be this one. The song opens up with a lot of colour, rhythm and diversity. People, young and old all from the same neighbourhood come together to rejoice and what better way to express themselves by partying in the street. When Khan sees Naina (Preity Zinta) he is mesmerised by her, leading him to sing the song Pretty Woman.

Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s music saw a bit of Punjab being mixed into this western tune. The sounds of the electric guitar were cleverly used together with the strong beat of the dhol. The song had many comical moments with Naina’s grandma trying to stop her friends from joining in the fun.

Celebrate the Monsoon with Koi Ladki Hai from ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ (1997)
After rehearsals Pooja (Madhuri Dixit Nene) and Rahul (Khan) are about to set off home when it begins to pour down with rain. Rahul is in a playful manner and wants Pooja to enjoy the rain with him, it is then that they hear a group of children singing. Unable to control himself Rahul joins them singing and dancing in the rain. Later we see both Pooja and Rahul entertain Nisha (Karisma Kapoor) at the hospital encouraging her to join in with them.

It was a fun song that had the vocals of Narayan and Lata Mangeshkar work wonders with the music of Uttam Singh. The lyrics revolved around a girl who whenever she laughed it began to rain and whenever a boy sang it brought along the monsoon.

Celebrate Autumn with the title track of ‘Dil Se’ (1998)
The poetic lyrics by Gulzar and AR Rahman’s music made a masterpiece that is unforgettable. Khan and Manisha Koirala are seen in dangerous locations, the army is present and there is chaos everywhere. Amongst this are two love birds trying to escape the madness around them.

In one segment of the song Gulzar very smartly uses leaves as a metaphor for the two lovers. It is a brilliant use of words and the way Rahman sang this part with such passion was superb. Also the way this section of the song was filmed was very creative, Khan turns around and there is an explosion of leaves. Koirala and Khan are surrounded by old leaves giving one that feel of autumn.

Celebrate Winter with Tu Mere Saamne from ‘Darr’ (1993)
With the sounds of Mangeshkar and Narayan a classic was made and along with it a romantic pairing that would be loved by many for years to come. Juhi Chawla played the role of the terrified Kiran who is constantly being stalked by Rahul (Khan). So close to the one he loves yet so far away Rahul begins to daydream about Kiran. The lyrics talk about how they are in front of one another but Rahul’s dilemma is that should he keep looking at her or love her, such is the intensity of his love. Anand Bakshi brought Rahul’s emotions out into the lyrics as he is so in love with her that he can’t believe the time has come where he is able to see her face to face.

The song opens with Khan in his iconic outfit of black jeans and purple shirt running in the snow, he jumps to the ground breathing heavily. Chawla appears running her hands through his hair and then the song truly begins. The snow capped mountains as the backdrop really gave that wintry feel throughout the song.

The team at wishes Shah Rukh Khan a very happy birthday and all the best for his upcoming film ‘Zero’.

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