Bipasha Basu

While Bipasha Basu has made many headlines owing to her alleged relationship with Karan Singh Grover, thingseem to have slowed down on the work front for her. Her next film, ‘Bhai Must Be Crazy’ has been stuck and not commencedshooting as they are still waiting for a go-ahead signal from the producer, GopalGoyal Kanda.

Speaking to Mid Day, the film’s directorVinay Sharma said, “I have not yet started shooting for the film, but I have done a location hunt in Nepal. Bipasha and the rest of the cast are keen that the project takes off. We are waiting for the producer۪s nod…I am hopeful things will roll in the new financial year.”

The film is also set to star Pankaj Kapur, Sunil Grover and Prakash Raj.

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