Bipasha Basu signs another horror film?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Bipasha Basu signs a horror film?
Bipasha Basu signs a horror film?

After the huge success of ‘Raaz 3’ (2012), it looks like actress Bipasha Basu has grown fond of the horror genre. News has it that the Bollywood beauty has been approached to��be a part of��another horror film called ‘Aatma’.

According to NDTV, the script will be written by Vikram Bhatt, who was also responsible for ‘Raaz 3’, and he��has plans on making Basu seem even more scarier then she was in her recent release. “It will be an out-and-out grey role and will give Bipasha an even more shocking image than ‘Raaz 3’. But no, it isn’t ‘Raaz 4’,”��a source revealed.

Bhatt also spoke to reporters confirming the news and also��explained why he wants Basu in his next thriller, “I think I owe to myself and to her to do another film with Bipasha right away. It’s amazing how hard she worked on the film and look at the end-results. Like they say, no pain no gain. Both of us have gone through our share of turmoil.”

Reaching new heights in her career and taking on different roles is definitely going well for Basu, who has been tagged as one of Bollywood’s most sexiest actresses.