The latest round of nominations have been announced in the Bigg Boss house.

Last week, Bobby Darling lost out to actor Deepak Prashar and became the first evictee of the series. This week Deepak again faces the public vote along with Rupali Ganguly and Ravi Kissen. To add, Ravi was automatically up for eviction by Bigg Boss after he refused to comply with house rules. As well as swearing, he also decided against wearing the microphone.

What else was surprising about the nominations was Rakhi Sawant putting up her pal۪ Kashmira Shah up for eviction. The two have been seen gossiping and getting on quite well. Rakhi’s reason for nominating Kashmira was that she bitches too much! Two faced?

The second evictee will be shown live on Sony TV this Friday at 21:00.