Love sick puppy and heartthrob Aryan Vaid has been voted out of this week۪s Bigg Boss household.

Aryan was shocked to learn of this eviction and launched a vicious attack on Ravi in retaliation. Suddenly realising how much he will miss his love Anupama, Aryan sobbed and wept while chatting to anchor Arshad Warsi after his eviction. Poor boy!

Aryan was also shocked that the guys were the ones who voted him out, namely Ravi, Rahul and Amit who it seems were in cahoots. He tried to warn Anu that Ravi might try to get close to her, but the heartless vixen dismissed his warnings and instead praised Ravi۪s personality!

So Bigg Boss, has finally separated Romeo from his Juliet, we feel this will affect Aryan much more than it will affect Anupama.