BBC A. Network in trouble over Holy Prophet comments


A London organisation promoting peace and harmony has issued the BBC Asian Network a legal notice over offensive comments made by a guest on Nihal’s show earlier this month.

Peaceful Arts Association Limited has accused the Nihal discussion show aired on Tuesday 1st February of insulting the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and allegedly inciting religious hatred.

The 101-page legal notice includes a transcript of the show, plus mentions of Guramit Singh, a spokesman for the EDL (English Defence League) who as the organisation says said some “hurtful, derogatory, blasphemous and racially hateful offensive remarks”.

After speaking out, Peaceful Arts Association points out that the presenter remained quiet until one of the callers intervened and stopped Guramit Singh from continuing. The caller said, “Can I just stop you there. I think you are now making a derogatory remark about Islam and I’m surprised the BBC hasn�۪t cut the thing out.”

The legal notice says that despite allowing Guramit Singh to make “insulting and horrible remarks” against the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Nihal allowed the show to go on as normal. He failed to cut off Guramit Singh when he should have done and further more failed to bring the racist debate targeting Muslims and Islam to an end. It further adds that the BBC is responsible for all his actions, and owes a duty of care to the listeners.

The organisation has proposed the station to close down over its “fundamental error of editorial judgment”. Even though the organisation accepted that Nihal made an apology on the radio on behalf of EDL’s Guramit Singh, it said that he should have been taken off the show much sooner than he did.

A spokesperson for the BBC said, “We can confirm we have received a legal complaint which is currently being considered therefore it is not appropriate for us to comment any further at this stage.”

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