Banger releases new single ‘Patandra’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Banger releases new single 'Patandra'
Banger releases new single 'Patandra'

New Bhangra singer Banger has returned with his second single ‘Patandra’ after the rising success of his debut single ‘Soorma’ featuring the Late Kuldeep Manak.

Banger who is no stranger to this industry made his debut with ‘Soorma’ in January this year and now ‘Patandra’ is ready to rock the dance floors across the globe. Sung by Banger, written by Lally and features the female vocals of Jassi this track is already being supported by some of the industry�۪s most prestigious singers.

Banger in his own right is a solo artist but supports the world famous MoneySpinner music producer team and they fully support Banger in his quest to become one the biggest performers globally.

Patandra is a light hearted, fun dance floor anthem with the musical production of midlands based music producer Sukhi Chand. Banger will also be supporting Bollywood singer and sufi singer, Master Saleem in his first ever UK tour which begins 17th August.

Banger is an artist who is passionate for folk Punjabi music and bringing the essence of Punjab back in to Bhangra. From the age of 14 Banger has been familiar as a talented musician who can play Dhol, Tumbi, Algoze and Harmonium. Banger was inspired to sing by the late Kuldeep Manak who later on became a guide/Ustaad to Banger and approved of his singing career, it was from then on Banger focused on singing rather than percussions.

‘Patandra’ is out now on iTunes.