Ayesha Malik speaks out on why she confronted Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been subject to the substantial accusation that she has been “encouraging nuclear war” by an audience member at Beautycon a few days back. Ayesha Malik, who made the accusations, has spoken about why she chose to confront the actress in the way that she did.

Malik has since spoken out about the occurrence in an interview with Gulf News. She said, “She had so many months to read up on this. I actually believed there was a part of her that would say something correct… But deep down, she doesn’t believe any of it… This time her PR team was not in her ear… What we got was raw, unfiltered Priyanka”.

She went on to add, “What sparked me to say was that after she tweeted Jai Hind on February 26, there was radio silence from her… All the Bollywood actors were saying Jai Hind too. The thing between her and other Bollywood actors is that Priyanka is international, she is Mrs Jonas, she is more than just a Bollywood actress. Therefore, I was more frustrated with her than the other Bollywood actors”.

The controversial allegation has stemmed from Chopra’s tweet in which she voiced her support for the Indian armed forces during a politically tumultuous time with Pakistan which involved an exchange of airstrikes. The superstar actress tweeted on 26th February, “Jai Hind”, with the hashtag “#IndianArmedForces”.

Ayesha Malik, audience member at Beautycon, did not take too well to this tweet, accusing Chopra of fueling “nuclear war against Pakistan”. Malik also pointed out the hypocrisy of Chopra being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, expressing: “So it was kind of hard hearing you talk about humanity, because as your neighbour, a Pakistani, I know you’re a bit of a hypocrite. You are a UNICEF ambassador for peace and you’re encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan. There’s no winner in this”.

Malik’s opinion seems to be part of a larger fear that India and Pakistan are treading on ice, especially after India’s announcement that it plans to revoke Kashmir’s semi-autonomous political status. It is a fear that Pakistani PM Imran Khan had voiced just last week, particularly when noting General (of the Pakistan Army) Qamar Javed Bajwa’s statement, “The Pakistan army firmly stands by the Kashmiris in their just struggle to the very end”.

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By Arjen Gill

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