Asian Wedding Show joins hands with AVTA

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Asian Viewers' Television Awards (AVTA)
Asian Viewers' Television Awards (AVTA)

The National Asian Wedding Show has teamed up with the Asian Viewers Television Awards (AVTA) to create a really unique weekend on the 18th and 19th October.

With hundreds of exhibitors showcasing wedding services, such as photography, planning and venues, ideas such as decorations, themes and invitations, and many other wedding industry professionals, attendees are able to plan their entire wedding at the one stop shop and businesses get the opportunity to engage with consumers face-to-face. In 2013, The National Asian Wedding Show proved more popular than ever and broke records with over 15,500 attendees over two days at ExCel London.

National Asian Wedding Show 2014
National Asian Wedding Show 2014

The Asian Viewers Television Awards will honour the best of South Asian Television and will be held at a Central London location on the 18th October 2014. The prestigious ceremony will take place in front of guests that include celebrities and members of the media industry.

A spokesman for the Asian Television Viewers Awards said, ���With an amazing weekend lined up, attendees of the Asian Viewers Television Awards will also get complimentary entry to The National Asian Wedding Show. We are very pleased to be teaming up to create a unique weekend for all involved�۝.

Organiser of the National Asian Wedding Show Manny Singh said, ���We are extremely excited for the partnership between the two events and we looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully, this will create a unique experience for all of attendees�۝.

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