Sony Entertainment Television Asia has launched the much awaited Indian version of ‘Extreme Makeover’ called ‘Naye Roop Nayi Zindagi’.

‘Naye Roop Nayi Zindagi’ presented by Sony TV’s golden girl Mona Singh of ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi’ fame went on the air last Thursday.

The ten-week reality show consists of 13 candidates who undergo facial correction surgeries – both reconstructive and cosmetic, dental and eye surgeries combined with fitness, diet and styling.

“Naye Roop Nayi Zindagi is perhaps the most intensive show we have ever done. It took over two years to make all the 10 episodes. Each story is not just about the skin deep transformation, but a completely new change in life. It is a journey equivalent to getting a new life. From styling to fitness and counseling to dream fulfillment, Naye Roop Nayi Zindagi has it all. Ordinary people, through the medium of TV meet extraordinary experts who work with them to help participants reach their full physical and emotional potential,” said producer Miditech chief creative officer Niret Alva.

Recently Sony TV has been on a revamp roll after losing the number three position in India amongst Hindi entertainment channels to newcomers NDTV Imagine and 9X.

It has launched two new soaps – ‘Sujata’ and ‘Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya’. One musical gameshow hosted by Bollywood star Urmila – ‘Waar-Parriwar’. Another live musical show – ‘Yeh Shaam Mastani’. In the coming weeks, Bollywood hunk Salman Khan will be presenting his first ever gameshow for the channel and ‘Indian Idol 4’ kicks off next month.