Armaan Malik releases stripped down version of single ‘Tabaahi’

Veena Patel



Prince of Pop, Armaan Malik, who recently amazed fans with the release of his hit single ‘Tabaahi’ in collaboration with OAFF, has surprised his fans with its stripped down version.

‘Tabaahi’ is a song that talks about the ‘Sukoon’ (peace) one feels when alone in nature with the person one loves. When they aren’t in their company, everything feels like it’s falling apart, resulting in absolute ‘Tabaahi’ (destruction).

Composed by OAFF and Armaan Malik, the original version of ‘Tabaahi’ gained immense love from music lovers worldwide, propelling their unrivaled chemistry into trends, charts, and playlists.

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Armaan Malik, known for his soulful voice, is excited about this new version. He expressed, “Music is a journey of exploration and we embarked on making the stripped-down version of ‘Tabaahi’ to unveil the raw emotions behind the song. This version breathes new life into the song with the soft notes of the piano accompanied by the cello, adding to the overall grandeur of the track.”

The stripped down version of ‘Tabaahi,’ composed and sung by Armaan Malik and OAFF, with lyrics penned by Abhiruchi Chand, is out now.