Arjun Rampal on Arun Gawli: “He commands respect…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Arjun Rampal is set to be seen in his first biopic, ‘Daddy’, based on the life of Arun Gawli. The actor recently spoke about Gawli.

When asked about his take on Gawli, Rampal told Filmfare, “He’s not flamboyant, doesn’t go to dance bars and blow up money on bar girls and mistresses. He’s spent half his life in jail but is a God-fearing, family man. At home, there are photographs of Gods everywhere, he is always praying. He commands respect, thousands come to visit him when he’s on parole, yet he’s also dreaded. Mostly, he is quiet, well-mannered and soft-spoken, but you know he’s walked the dark side. After a few meetings, he started opening up to me. I assured him it wouldn’t be a propaganda story, I wanted to tell it the way it is, in a realistic manner. His consent convinced me this was a man with self-confidence. He is the only guy who stood up to Dawood Ibrahim.”

Rampal also spoke about starting the film before Gawli had agreed to it being made, “We didn’t have a signed agreement but I’d spoken to his family. By the time he came out on parole, we’d finished one schedule. He was taken aback, wondering how I’d started without his official permission. I pointed out he’d verbally committed to me. He said, “Haan maine toh tujhe zabaan di thi.””.

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