Anushka Sharma

'Chhil Gaye' from 'NH10'
Anushka Sharma

India’s decision to ban the telecast of Leslee Udwin’s documentary on the 2012 Delhi gang rape case has met with a varied response. Actress Anushka Sharma disagrees with the ban onthe documentary, titled ‘India’s Daughter’, and feels airing it could actually help change certain mindsets.

Acting as a guest-editor for DNA India, Sharma wrote,ʉThe intention with which this documentary was made was to understand the psyche of the rapists_ Silence is never the answer, acknowledging the issue and facing it is. And to do that you have to understand the psyche of these people, if you want to change the mindset and get rid of this issue_ Our justice system is not very quick in dealing with cases. We treat our women so badly_ The lawyer who was defending the accused is educated but his views are still regressive and shocking. This shows thateducationalone cannot change things, it’s the mindset that has to be changed.۝

It can be noted that the shocking documentary, which was slated to air on Sunday 8th March worldwide, was preponed in the UK and aired on Wednesday 4th March. Recordings of it were thenshared on the internet, thus allowing many across the globe to view it.

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