Ankita Lokhande on working with Kangna Ranaut in ‘Manikarnika’

Priyanka Borua Vo



The much talented Ankita Lokhande will be making her big screen debut in ‘Manikarnika’ alongside Kangna Ranaut. Though Ranaut is a sought after celebrity and has been portrayed to be difficult, Lokhande says she was nothing but cooperative and helps others do well.

On Ranaut’s portrayed difficulty, Lokhande revealed, “Something similar was said about me too that I am very difficult to work with and all but I am very sure that people who have worked with me, love me for what I am. Same goes for Kangana as well. She has been a wonderful co-actor, very cooperative. Whatever she is doing is only for the film, she is just in her character and helping others also do good. So, that’s a good quality,” as according to Pinkvilla.

‘Manikarnika’ is slated to release next month.