ALTBalaji begins streaming ‘The Verdict – State Vs Nanavati’


The much-awaited series of ALTBalaji, ‘The Verdict – State Vs Nanavati’ is all set to stream for the audience starting today. A ten-episode series starts streaming on the widely loved OTT platform, ALTBalaji from 30th September. Earlier, the thrilling teaser and trailer came out and since then, the excitement and anticipation has been high for the series.

Based on the infamous story of KM Nanavati Vs State of Maharashtra, which is still one of the most sensational criminal cases in India; where a Parsi Naval officer shot a businessman and then confessed his crime to the police. Even after six decades the infamous story of K.M. Nanavati Vs. The state of Maharashtra is still one of the most sensational criminal cases in India and mark a landmark judgement in the history of India.

Talking about the web show Ekta Kapoor shared, “The movies that have been based on the case were lacklustre, and had a one-sided view about a man who killed another man to protect his wife, and the nation. The jury went against what was probably legally right and supported a man who killed someone, because his wife was having an affair. What wasn’t considered in the movies was that it was a consensual affair. Today, such an issue would be considered entirely personal. We have finally removed the law that treated women as property. That was a time when women were treated badly and were not allowed to take decisions. We’ve also explored the aspect of the wife being a foreign national.”

Giving further information web series Director Shashant Shah said, “We obviously did a lot of R&D on the era of 1959. From referring to old archival footage and pictures of Bombay to finding places which reflect that old world charm. Luckily for me, Bombay has some beautiful sets and locations, which are still stuck in time. Hence with the creative inputs from Ekta Kapoor, Shubash Kapoor and Samar Khan and recreation of sets and setups by Mr Wasiq Khan, our Production Designer, set lighting and style by Mr. Mohana Krishna my DOP and of course the VFX team we were able to achieve that vintage touch and make it look so authentic”.