Ali Fazal’s short film ‘Tasveer’ headed to Dharamshala International Film Festival

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Close on the heels of the release of his Amazon Prime series ‘Mirzapur 2’, Ali Fazal has another important moment to celebrate. His animated short ‘Tasveer’, written and directed by Ashutosh Pathak for which he lent his voice will screen at the Dharamshala International Film Festival (29th October – 4th November).

‘Tasveer’ was a poignant tale told emphatically by Pathak and together they showed their support to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country owing to COVID. The video was thoughtfully crafted and the writing had satirical undertones to it. It spoke about the importance of being kind, checking one’s privilege and the dire need for empathy towards the underprivileged especially in today’s times. ‘Tasveer’ was widely lauded by people bringing to light the much-needed discussion about the prevalence of privilege and heartfelt apology to those who have suffered.

Pathak, who is an animator, did a brilliant job on the visuals as Fazal’s voice brought the couplet to life. With the piece screening at a festival, the actor is hopeful that the powerful theme reaches out to more people. With the last six months showing us the pain and predicament of daily wage workers, Fazal and Pathak hope that ‘Tasveer’ is a timely reminder to be grateful and empathetic.

Fazal says, “We are so happy that a small video we made will now screen at a reputed film festival. Ashutosh’s visual had great power and his lines, even more. It was hard to not be moved by his writing and the theme of what he was telling. This was the kind of art that asks the right questions and I am glad our cry for kindness was heard, appreciated and have found new takers.”