Akshay Kumar giving back to society for women

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

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Akshay Kumar

As well as being a superstar actor, Akshay Kumar is very well known for his experience in martial arts. Having opened up a school where women can train in self-defence, the actor expresses how this is his way of supporting society.

In partnership with Aditya Thackeray of Shiv Sena, NDTV��reported Kumar stating, “We are here to give something to the society. There is no monetary gain from it. I am doing it because I have earned a lot in life due to martial arts and it is my way to give back.”

When a girl of 24 was brutally gang raped and murdered in December 2011, there was huge uproar throughout the country where more and more cases of such events where being publicised. Campaigns for the protection of women have been taking place throughout the nation, and Kumar’s school has been one way out of many which support the cause.

Being a black belt in taekwondo, the actor plans to teach the women of the school himself. “Whenever I will get time and if I’m in Mumbai, I would teach martial arts to them (the women). I am starting the whole thing on July 29,” he adds.