Ajay Devgn: “I have always believed in good films”


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With his next film ‘Shivaay’ being an action packed drama, Ajay Devgn has always remained rather diverse in the genres of films that he does since his career began. Always having had the confidence to let his work speak for itself, Devgn caught up with the media and spoke about his own experiences within the industry.

“I have never suffered a major setback in my life. I�۪ve been very lucky.��I have never gone to people to ask for work. That has been my attitude till date. If a project doesn�۪t work out, I�۪m not going to move around with my portfolio,”��Hindustan Times��reported the actor stating.

Despite having his fair share of unsuccessful films, Devgn has always managed to pick himself up and try again, where he looks to be involved in all kinds of films, rather than just stick to mainstream cinema. He went on to explain, “I have done such films since the beginning of my career. I started off with action movies. At that time, I was the first actor who was part of the so-called ��art cinema�۪, which the commercial actors didn�۪t touch. I did films like ‘Zakhm’ (1998) and ‘Raincoat’ (2004). I have always believed in good films. They could be commercial or non-commercial ones.”

Talking about the industry, the actor isn’t known to have many close friends from the fraternity. However his friendship with non other than Salman Khan has remained rather strong. When asked about how his rapport with the actor has been kept so well, Devgn expressed, “The reason is non-interference. I don�۪t interfere in anybody�۪s life; nor do other people in mine. Salman and I came into the industry at the same time, and we have been here since the past 25 years. The actors from my generation know that we don�۪t need to mingle in society or party together [to stay friends]. I stand by my friends, and they do the same for me. That�۪s enough.”

Also directed by Devgn himself, ‘Shivaay’ is set to hit the big screens on 28th October.

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