Aditya Pancholi responds to Sooraj Pancholi’s charge in Jiah Khan’s suicide

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

2274 reported yesterday that Sooraj Pancholi had been charged in the suicide of Jiah Khan. He was charged by the special women’s court with abetment of suicide in Khan’s tragic death in 2013. Father, Aditya Pancholi has now vowed to fight to clear his son’s name.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Aditya said, “We are very happy [that the trial is beginning]. We have been waiting for this day for the past four-and-a-half years. Now the real trial begins, now we will fight the actual fight. If we are guilty, Sooraj will be punished; and if we are not, then Sooraj will be set free.”

“What was happening was that every time the trial was to go to the court, the complainant (Rabia Khan) would go and get a stay on the trial,” he added.

He stated, “Now what has happened is that for the first time, the accused has gone and made a petition in High Court, to expedite the trial. We want the trial to go fast and they (Rabia Khan and her lawyer) had been delaying the trial. We have gone through a lot of stress, but we stood by each other, and friends from the industry like Salman (Khan) were also there for us. The trial cannot go on forever. Sooraj is a young man and he has his life ahead of him.”

The examination of witnesses will start on 14th February 2018.