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Aaliya Siddiqui clarifies rumoured divorce notice is fabricated

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is going through a messy divorce with his former wife Aaliya. The divorce has been filed on the grounds of infidelity.

The details of the divorce notice are confidential, but rumours suggested that Aaliya is asking for their 4BHK flat on Yaari Road, Mumbai, Rs 10 crore alimony, and Rs 20 crore in child support for their two children, Navbharat Times reported.

She has denied these allegations on Twitter, “My Advocates are receiving calls from media houses, who claim to have a copy of my notice. Upon verification it appears that the said Notice is a “fabricated copy” Who would be behind this? It is obviously a PR exercise to save someone from disgrace. A lot will unfold now.”, adding that, “As an obvious “fabricated notice” is being circulated to Media Houses “as a part of PR exercise”. I therefore request all media houses & journalists to refrain from using any part or portion of such fabricated notice OR even relying on the same to carry any story concerning me.”

The divorce notice was presented to Siddiqui earlier this month. According to Aaliya, the couple has been separated for several years.