'Cloud 9' makes lukewarm start on Zing

'Cloud 9' launches on Zing UK in January
'Cloud 9' launches on Zing UK in January

Zing will become the first UK Asian TV broadcaster to telecast a daily drama, shot locally.

The drama’s name has been confirmed as ‘Cloud 9’ and will feature artists from the UK. It encompasses the lives of the residents of a London town, presenting a range of characters, explored by the soap’s pivotal star Ajay – a young Brit-Asian finding his way in life. Following his story and spiraling the highs of love, dreams and reality – the soap highlights various aspects that make this a special town called Cloud 9۪, which brings to life important British Asian values of family life, aspirations, tradition and modernity.

The show is produced by Picturegate Productions, which works on the channel’s ‘Brits Bollywood’ magazine show and ‘Snapshot’ on Sony Entertainment Television Asia.

Archana Kanade, Zing Business Head says “The future of British Asian TV is here! With Cloud 9, Zing is taking Asian entertainment in the UK to the next level. Zing strives to give its target audience what they want plus more. Cloud 9 is the product of extensive research and background work enabling us to tailor the soap to the taste of the Brit-Asian psyche, presenting their world to them on the small screen for the first time. This soap comes at a time when the Asian population is growing rapidly and is the largest ethnic population in the UK. Numbers have gone up phenomenally since the last Census and it is this audience that Cloud 9 will cater to.”

The show will start with a huge marketing push, with the first teaser promos already running across the ZEE channels. ‘Cloud 9’ starts on Monday 7th January 2013, Monday-Friday at 18:30 on Zing.