ZEE5 Global to premiere ‘Siya’ this month

Azha Khan



ZEE5 Global has announced the world digital premiere of ‘Siya’ on 16th June 2023. Manish Mundra, who has produced gems like Newton, Masaan, Ankhon Dekhi, Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi, among others dons the director’s hat for the first time for ‘Siya’, starring an astute Vineet Kumar Singh and the heart and soul of the film, Pooja Pandey.

Produced by Drishyam Films, ‘Siya’ is based in one of the northern states in India and is the tale of a small-town girl, Siya who despite all hurdles, decides to take down oppressive patriarchy and fight for justice after she is kidnapped and raped. The film focusses on the psychological and physical distress that the girl suffers, aggravated by the many hurdles that prevent prompt punishment for the powerful and the influential perpetrators.

Siya is close to home and incorporates scenes that almost mirror the society at large. It tells a story that is as much about the girl at the receiving end of a system bent upon denying her justice as about the vicious men who hold the reins of power and brazenly misuse it, the venal policeman who are all too willing to be manipulated by their political bosses and a compromised criminal justice system riddled with difficult-to-plug loopholes.

‘Siya’ received rave reviews by critics and audience alike during its theatrical run. It has also won the best debut director at UK Asian Film Festival 2023 and has been selected at New York Indian Film Festival 2023 and Ottawa Indian Film Festival Awards. Now it is gearing for its World Digital Premiere on ZEE5 on 16th June 2023.

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global said, “ZEE5 Global has continuously added resonant stories to its library that hold a mirror to society. With the critically acclaimed film Siya, we present a young girl’s journey for justice when faced with powerful perpetrators. The movie, through its powerful performances and moving story, sparks conversations and meets the growing demand for thought-provoking and challenging content. ”

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Actor Vineet Kumar Singh said, “I agreed to be a part of this film as I believed in the story and the message this film delivers. Siya incorporates scenes that almost mirror the society at large which is terrorising, and I hoped that this film could serve as a wakeup call for many. While it released in theatres, there are still many who haven’t heard about this film or watched it. It is my sincere request to them to watch it on ZEE5 on 16th June as Siya is an important story to be told and to be watched”.

Actor Pooja Pandey said, “I could not have asked for a better debut role than this. Playing Siya has been mentally challenging but creatively, gratifying. It has been the role of a lifetime. To portray a rape survivor and to exhibit all the emotions that a victim goes through is not easy. But I had the support of my director and co-actors. This role has changed me as a person and I hope that I did justice to it. I am grateful for this opportunity. Now with the film’s digital release on ZEE5, I hope that Siya reaches people across the world as I believe in the power of OTT and in the power of good storytelling”.

Producer and Director Manish Mundra said, “Siya is an exploration, a study of helplessness when a survivor of sexual abuse decides to fight. We stay with Siya throughout the most torturous time in her life, and slowly unfold the atrocity that happens to her. We wanted this exploration to be raw, brazen and to hit hard the reality in an urge to generate anger and thereby conversations on what truly needs to change! We hope that the film challenges our notions of abuse, the aftermath and the fact that when the abuse doesn’t end at the rape, how far does a person really need to go to get justice that she deserves. Content driven cinema has been the core essence of Drishyam. We are glad to have partnered with ZEE5 who’s equally passionate about such content. Siya’s journey is that of a fighter who takes it upon herself to right the wrong done to her. Please do watch it on ZEE5 when it releases on 16th June.