ZEE5 Global partners with mCanvas for interactive ad for ‘Rashmi Rocket’

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


ZEE5 Global, the world’s largest streaming platform for South Asian content, has partnered with mCanvas to promote the release of its Original film Rashmi Rocket via an engagement driven campaign that reached over two million users across US, Canada, and Australia.

mCanvas provides mobile branding solutions at scale and has worked with over 500 international brands such as Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, Amazon, OnePlus, and others across industries. It enables these brands to reach over 300 million users globally, across tier 1 mobile apps and web. Recently mCanvas launched three key solutions – engagements, video views, and clicks to enable marketers to achieve their branding KPIs effectively. In 2021, it extended its mobile branding operations to Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Bringing in the storyline of the movie, the ad then encourages users to walk in Rashmi’s shoes by physically taking a few steps forward to understand the ordeals she faced, to achieve her dreams. The closing screen seamlessly displays the movie trailer, and the CTA ‘Subscribe Now’. This directs users to the landing page, where they can begin their subscription to the streaming service to watch the movie.

The campaign is performing phenomenally, witnessing a 3.5% click-through rate. Additionally, users are spending 8 seconds on average, engaging with the ad.

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global, said, “Rashmi Rocket highlights the grim realities of women in sports and the challenges they face, and the movie has been appreciated the world over. We’re glad to have worked with mCanvas for this highly innovative ad which engages users across the globe and piques their curiosity about the movie.”

Pallav Jain, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Performics India commented, “In an ever-competitive market, we have always strived to create the best ad experiences for our clients using the best media, creativity and technology. ZEE5 Global’s avant-garde campaign is in a league of its own, with exceptional engaging elements and we are proud to put this on an international pedestal.”

“We are bullish about mobile advertising and are ready to leverage our expertise and experience to create ground-breaking branding experiences on an international scale. This campaign engaged users thoroughly and is testament to the value of mobile in building remarkable ads that build strong connections and lasting impressions,” concluded Lavin Punjabi, Co-founder, mCanvas.

ZEE5 Global deployed mCanvas’ engagement solution to drive conversation for its recently released Original Rashmi Rocket. The ad first asks users if they are aware of the gender test that female athletes are often subjected to. Integrating a live poll, users can select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The answers are revealed in real time. A live counter is also displayed which reveals how many users are against the archaic gender test.