ZEE TV’s ‘Aisi Deewangi – Dekhi Nahi Kahi’ maker threatens legal action

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The producers of ZEE TV’s ‘Aisi Deewangi – Dekhi Nahi Kahi’ have threatened legal action over its leading two stars, Pranav Misshra and Jyoti Sharma.

According to reports, Misshra and Sharma filed a complaint with Cine and TV Artistes Association for the way they were allegedly treated on the sets of the show.

The producer Aastha Naad said, “We were in a state of shock after reading Pranav and Jyoti’s statement in the media. We weren’t expecting it as they had wished us for the New Year. If they had an issue regarding anything, including fee hike, they could have informed us. They had read the contract before signing it. So, we couldn’t understand how such grave issues cropped up overnight. We invest so much time and energy while grooming new actors. If this is what we get in return, God save us. None of the other actors had an issue. We had meetings with the CINTAA and were expecting a solution. However, they told us that the lead actors need to be pampered. Why should we discriminate within the cast members?”

She further added, “It happens initially on every set because we have to make a bank of episodes, but that didn’t happen on a regular basis here. We follow all the rules set by the trade union.” They finally have approached the IMPPA.

Naad said, “We have also taken legal action against the lead pair for monetary loss, breach of trust, defamation, criminal conspiracy and blackmailing.” Anil Nagrath, the secretary of IMPAA said, “We have received a complaint from the producers, citing harassment and deliberately causing losses as both artistes did not honour their agreement and left the show mid-way, leading to its premature end.”

‘Aisi Deewangi – Dekhi Nahi Kahi’ was axed by ZEE TV last week.