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ZEE TV to launch real-life underworld show

ZEE TV will be launching a show featuring the real-life going ons in the underworld gangster world.

The programme titled ‘Don’ will be fronted by actor Irfan Khan and will showcase the people involved and the modus operandi in running a parallel world that exists and flourishes out of Mumbai.

Said Khan, “It was exciting to relive the lives of the real don instead of the reel don. It is for the first time that such a well-researched programme on this subject is coming up on television.”

Commenting on the show, Harish Doraiswamy, CEO, ZEE News said, “There is a world of difference between a real life don and a reel life don. We are putting the history of the underworld in a proper perspective.”

The programme will showcase the innermost secrets of the dreaded dons, how they planned and executed some of the biggest crimes in history. The details have been provided by their family members and kinsmen. There are perspectives from their sharp-shooters who used to protect them, drivers who were privy to the dons’ most intimate conversations, and their bodyguards who were their shadow at all times.

In addition, it will show some important confessions by senior police officials who faced the wrath of these underworld dons but finally triumphed by driving them out of their dens.

‘Don’ launched on ZEE News India earlier this month and will go live on ZEE TV UK on Sunday 27th May at 22:00.