Days that ZEE TV UK was revamping its primetime schedule to accommodate the launch of ‘Phir Subha Hogi’, the channel has decided to make further tweaks.

Starting from Wednesday 18th April, ‘Phir Subha Hogi’ will make its splash on UK TV screens; this will result in the following changes.

‘Phir Subha Hogi’ has been given a Monday to Friday 22:30 slot due to hard-hitting storyline. ‘Punar Vivaah’, which currently occupies the 22:30 slot, will move to 22:00 from the same day. Also being affected is ‘Mr and Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyein’ – moving from 22:00 to 20:00. ‘Ram Milayi Jodi’ is ending in the same week.

ZEE TV India will be launching ‘Phir Subha Hogi’ on Tuesday 17th April.