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ZEE Tamizh announces Diwali movie premieres

ZEE Tamizh India has announced a number of premieres to coincide with the Diwali festivities.

The channel will air ‘Dangal’, ‘Kavan’ and ‘Vikram Vedha’ on Wednesday 18th October. Fans of Aamir Khan, Vijay Sethupathi, and R Madhavan can get their popcorn bowls ready as these back-to-back movies won’t spare viewers much time away from their television sets.

Starting off with ‘Dangal’ at 11:00, the relentless pursuit of Mahavir Singh, an ex-wrestler who leaves no stone unturned in making his daughters world-class wrestlers. Followed by ‘Kavan’ at 14:30 where Vijay Sethupati who plays the role of Thilak, a newsreader and cameraman with ZenOne Channel, decides to quit and bring down his channel due to their unethical practices, along with his friends, girlfriend and mentor, Mayilvaganan played by T Rajendar. All that starts well, ends well; the most awaited ‘Vikram Vedha’ starts at 18:00. Based on the Indian meta-folktale Vikram-Vedalam Kadhai, the film narrates a story of a tough police officer who goes on a mission to track down and kill an equally tough gangster in the most entertaining fashion; this cat and mouse game is a must-watch.