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ZEE Global announces season two of ‘Taj’

ZEE5 Global released its original series, ‘Taj: Divided by Blood’ released on 3rd March 2023 and went on to become the most successful and the most watched original series on the platform. The blood battle between King Akbar’s sons for the Mughal throne piqued everyone’s interest and kept them hooked to the war of succession. Now the battle for the throne will continue but this time, it will be fiercer, grittier and darker as the cracks within the family will deepen with the blows of revenge. ‘Taj – Reign of Revenge’ premieres on 12th May 2023 with new episodes dropping every Friday.

The 8-part succession series will continue to star Naseeruddin Shah as King Akbar, Dharmendra as Shaikh Salim Chisti, Aashim Gulati as Prince Salim, Shubham Kumar Mehra as Prince Daniyal, Sandhya Mridul as Queen Jodha Bai, Zareena Wahab as Queen Salima, Queen Ruqaiya Begum as Padma Damodaran, Rahul Bose as Mirza Hakim in key roles and Pankaj Saraswat as Abul Fazl, Aayam Mehta as Badayuni, Digambar Prasad as Man Singh and Shivani Tanksale as Bakht un Nisa in secondary roles. The cast will be joined by Sauraseni Maitra as Meherunnisa [Noor Jahaan], Jiansh Agarwal as Prince Khusrav and Mitansh Lulla as Prince Khurram who go on to become the most important characters in this season.

The story of ‘Taj – Reign of Revenge’ begins 15 years after S1 ended, and charters Salim’s journey from being the exiled enemy of the Mughal empire to seeking blood and revenge in an attempt to become the next Emperor. In this dark, dangerous, and destructive path he is surrounded by enemies from all sides with few allies like Meherunnisa – his new love interest. While Daniyal impatiently waits for his succession, a repentant Akbar is still looking for a worthy heir to hand over the Mughal legacy to. But as the bloody war for the throne continues in this season, the stakes are higher, and one is not safe from one’s own too. Will the fires of revenge forge an empire, but leave behind the ashes of a broken and conflicted family?

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global said, “Close on the heels of the huge success of Taj- Divided by Blood, we are happy to now announce TAJ- Reign of Revenge. In this, viewers will be taken on a gripping journey that charts new conflicts and familial rivalries within the Mughal Empire. We are hopeful that this new season will receive as much love from our viewers as the first one did.”

Nimisha Pandey, Chief Content Officer – Hindi Originals, ZEE5 Global said, “The viewers’ response to Taj season 1 has been heartening to say the least, encouraging us to unveil the second season of this succession drama in such a short span. A talented team has come together to transport the viewers back to the Mughal era, as we delve deeper into the complex dynamics between Emperor Akbar and his sons – Salim and Daniyal. In the second season, we hope to take audiences on an immersive journey through history and continue to win their hearts.”

Producer Abhimanyu Singh, Contiloe Digital said, “It took us 5 years to put together this series and, in this journey, we have seen many ups and downs. However, the response has made each moment of this journey worth it. Would like to thank the audiences and ZEE5 Global and we look forward to bringing the next chapter of Taj – Reign of Revenge”.

Actor Aashim Gulati aka Prince Salim said, “Periodic dramas are something that have always caught my eye and now being in one has been an exhilarating journey. I am glad that the audiences have loved season one of the series and all I can say is that Salim’s character arc in S2 is something to look out for. S2 is grittier, darker, bolder and personally for me, my best yet.”

Actor Sauraseni Maitra commented, “Taj S1 has become a cult with love pouring in from different parts of the world. I am ecstatic to join the cast in S2 and take forward the legacy of Taj. Mehrunissa as a character is strong, beautiful and single-handedly fights against all odds. Plus sharing screen space with Naseer sir was an absolute honour, so this show ticked all the boxes. I hope the audience accepts me with open arms and continue to shower their love on season 2.”

Due to rights restrictions, the series is not streaming in UK, Europe and US.