Yuvika Chaudhary has finally admitted that she is not dating Prince Narula, who she has been linked with since 2015’s edition of ‘Bigg Boss 9’.

In a statement, Chaudhary said, “Prince is very good friend. He is brilliant and a grounded actor to work with. I’m impressed with his gentle behaviour. He and I get along really good, but it doesn’t mean we are dating.”

She added, “If I do, I am not scared to hide it as it would not be a crime. I am used to such rumours and they don’t affect me any more. The day I will feel strongly for him, I will proudly announce it.

“Anything can happen in life, so I go with the flow and let people talk anything. As a friend, I love him and adore him,” she added.

The two were seen in Narula’s song ‘Hello Hello’ earlier this year.