‘YRHPK’ star Shaheer Sheikh opens up about celebrating his birthday


‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’ star, Shaheer Sheikh is celebrating his 36th birthday today (26th March 2020). The actor, who is known for playing Abir in the Star Plus series, has had quite a colourful journey on the small screen.

Asked about plans for his birthday, he told PinkVilla in an interview, “If you know me a little you will know I don’t have birthday plans. Someone told me on the sets that what are your plans for your birthday and I completely forgot and it was that person who made me realize it is going to be in this time frame when we will not be shooting.”

In the same interview, Sheikh also described how the past year felt for him in terms of productivity. He said, “I am happy with how things have been, I wanted to do something like this because my last two shows needed a lot of efforts and doing historical is no easy. I am not saying this is easy but comparatively, a historical character needs a little more efforts but this comes more naturally to me. The character has been liked by the audiences and I am happy how people have responded to the show, it was a bold move by the producers and the channel of course to make something like this. We aren’t doing anything new with the story but the approach, the writing, is different.”

He also spoke about breaking stereotypes and misconceptions in society with this show. He said, “That was the approach of the show from the very beginning, both Rajan sir and Garima. From the very beginning, that is how they wanted to treat the show and they did not want to drag anything and pick socially relevant issues, which they did. And I am very happy about it since we did stick to our original track. The equations between all the characters are also quite interesting and relatable in today’s times.”

Elaborating on his previous show ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’, which also performed well despite small numbers, he added, “I feel that show did wonders for me and till now, I meet so many people from all over the world who have loved the show. Ratings never really mattered for me, even for this show, I am the last person who will ask how much have we rated this week. That show changed so much in our TV industry I feel and I am not too sure but I think it is one of the highest-rated TV shows on IMDB. It has got that kind of recognition and that is kind of enough for me. Even the channel we were working for, it was happy with the outcome and how people were reacting to the show to the extent that they still want to make another season.

BizAsiaLive.com wishes Shaheer Sheikh a happy birthday.

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  1. As a hardcore fan of Shaheer Sheikh & YRHPK, l am happy Star Plus made this production,
    as l can ID with the subject and concept of parents pushing their kids to marry strangers, my family tried that with me, & no way, so l love everything about this show.

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