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YRF delays production of ‘Tiger vs Pathaan’ until 2025?

Yash Raj Films has reportedly delayed the production of its upcoming ‘Tiger vs Pathaan’ starring Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Bollywood Hungama reports a source saying, “Tiger vs Pathaan was to start in March 2024, but Aditya Chopra has decided to personally take time to rework on the script and serve the audience with better content. Once Siddharth Anand is done with Fighter post production, Adi will sit down with his director to improve the version of what has been written.”

The source added, “Tiger is the most senior spy of the YRF Universe and the idea is to present it in a way that takes audiences on a ride. Aditya Chopra knows that the expectations will be off the roof in the audience for the face off of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan in Tiger vs Pathaan. There is no room for compromise and all the energies are invested to better the film.”

The film will be released under the ‘YRF Spy Universe’ franchise.