Youngsters are turning to other platforms to listen to music

Latest radio listening figures, which were released earlier this week have shown a significant decline in younger listeners tuning into UK radio.

While, radio remains the UK’s favourite medium to listen to music, English stations like BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra and Capital FM London, saw ratings dive over the past three months in Q4/16. BBC Radio 1 have lost 1 fifth of their regular listeners, while 1Xtra fall was not as drastic but still slipped. Capital FM London was down also in the period questioned – losing the top station in London crown to Kiss FM.

While, it is not known exactly why young listeners are switching off radio, it is being blamed on services such as Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming apps.

Bob Shennan, BBC Radio and Music director said, “With more competition for people’s time, it is heartening to see the increased relevance of live radio listening in their daily routines, and that the time they spend with us is growing again.”

Amongst Asian radio stations in the UK, most stations target older audiences due to commercial interest. The only young station in the UK – the BBC Asian Network has had a steady weekly reach of over 600,000 listeners for the past nine months or longer. Sunrise Radio in London, also has an ethos to target a younger audience compared to its London rivals, Lyca Radio and Lyca Dilse.