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Yoodlee Films releases ‘Noblemen’ on Netflix

Yoodlee Films’ last theatrical release ‘Noblemen’ which won accolades all over for its realistic compelling storytelling, dialogues and acting, is now available on Netflix, for viewers globally. This is the seventh film from the Yoodlee stable that will be resting on this streaming platform, a rare achievement for a production house that is less than three years old.

Set in a fancy boarding school up in the hills, ‘Noblemen’ is an adaptation of the famous Shakespearean play Merchant of Venice. Tackling the uncomfortable subject of bullying in schools and its disastrous repercussions if unchecked, the story revolves around a young 15 year old boy Shay, who is struggling to come to terms with his adolescent years, and is bullied by a few of his seniors. The film is set in an all boys’ boarding school, where Shay’s interest in theatre is encouraged by Murali, (Kunal Kapoor) – the drama teacher who has unconventional and radical methods of teaching . However what starts off as a simple desire on the part of Shay to play the lead character in the production of The Merchant of Venice, turns into a battle of student hierarchy and egos, unleashing a chain of events that leads to a loss of innocence, with far reaching consequences. Apart from Kunal Kapoor, the film stars Ali Haji as Shay – the 15 year old protagonist, along with Mohammad Ali Mir, Muskaan Jaferi and Shaan Grover.

“I am delighted that our film Noblemen will be available on Netflix now. This is an important story for me, a deeply personal one that talks about an issue that seldom gets highlighted in the Indian cinema-scape. As a filmmaker, I want my work to reach out to as diverse and wide an audience as possible. The fact that Noblemen will be now available on an international platform like Netflix allows that to happen. This is exciting,” says Vandana Kataria.

“Noblemen is the seventh film from Yoodlee Films to find a home in Netflix. It has always been our endeavour to let content and good stories lead the way and that is what we have followed. The story of Noblemen, the cinematic translation of that by Vandana, the superlative acting by a talented ensemble cast has all come together to make a film we are very proud of,” says Siddharth Anand Kumar of Yoodlee Films.