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Yash A Patnaik: “The response of Black Coffee has been very good”

Producer Yash A Patnaik, whose company Beyond Dreams has entered the digital space with his first project ‘Black Coffee’, is thrilled with the response to the trailer. “The response has been very good. In a very short time it has created a good buzz. The title is being loved by everyone. We needed a short and catchy name. The brief was to have a name which connects with our day-to-day life. Something that could be refreshing. Something that helps us think better. Something that’s social. Black Coffee was apt. Our writer Sumrit came up with this,” he says.

The pairing of Param Singh and Harshita Gaur has been loved by the viewers. Talking about this, Patnaik says, “We needed young and natural actors fo the leads. Param and Harshita have worked with us in Sadda Haq for over 900 episodes. The equation and timing between them is impeccable.”

Talking about going digital, Patnaik says that the fact the the medium allowed him to try new things, was what attracted him. “As a Production house, we always strive to do something new. The digital medium allows us to look at stories, characters, plot and treatment differently. Digital content is different from TV content as the consumption pattern and devices is different,” he says.

Talking about future plans, he says, “We are producing digital content under our new label Beyond Originals, which is a subsidiary of our production house Beyond Dreams. Black Coffee has been our first experiment under this label. I am glad we got support from brands in the first project. We are currently working on five concepts which will be produced under Beyond Originals. Brands have started showing interest after the release of the first episode and digital content is a credible vehicle for the brands to drive their communications”.