Yash Chopra classic flashback: ��Dil To Pagal Hai�۪ (1997)


��Dil To Pagal Hai�۪ was a musical romantic story that only Yash Chopra could have done well with all the characters being as loveable and likeable throughout the film. The film marked the beginning of the modernisation, so to speak, of Yash Raj Films where the storyline was commercial yet still held the traditional values of a Bollywood film. The film was heavily promoted before its release and had gained an audience even before it hit the cinema screens.

SRK-Madhuri-Karisma in 'Dil To Pagal Hai'
SRK-Madhuri-Karisma in 'Dil To Pagal Hai'

The film follows the lives of three people who all have a different perspective on love and meeting ‘the one’. Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) does not believe in love but ironically directs plays about love. Pooja (Madhuri Dixit) believes in love completely and has faith that everyone has someone somewhere made for them. Nisha (Karisma Kapoor) is a firm believer in love being friendship and the idea that if a boy and a girl are friends, then they will eventually end up together.

Rahul and Nisha are passionate about making musicals and in the last night of their show, Rahul announces that their next show will be called ��Maya�۪. Maya is a woman in Rahul�۪s mind who anyone can fall in love with. ��Rahul keeps on bumping into Pooja in coincidental situations but neither of them realise that it is fate calling them together. Rahul starts seeing Pooja as Maya and after Nisha injures her leg, asks her to take Nisha�۪s part. In the meantime, Nisha is also in love with Rahul and gets drunk at a party and tells him.

As Nisha recovers from her hurt ankle, Rahul and Pooja work on the play and start getting closer together. Nisha returns and realises that Rahul and Pooja are in love with each other without them even knowing it. Nisha heads to London to see her parents, leaving Rahul and Pooja to find each other.

Best scenes

Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor doing the dance of envy is brilliant, with each actress conveying how they felt, all through the magic of dance. Rahul accidentally calling Pooja on Valentine�۪s Day where neither knows that they are speaking to each other.

What one can�۪t help but love:

The musical numbers in the film are beautiful with each one interlacing seamlessly in to the storyline. Each song has some wonderfully choreographed dance pieces and some favourites including Are Re Are, Koi Ladki Hai and Pyaar Kar.

��Dil To Pagal Hai�۪ really is one of those films which you can�۪t help but fall in love with, every time you watch it. Yash Chopra showed his brilliance in bringing together some big name stars and making us adore them. An unforgettable film with some fantastic characters and an even better soundtrack… and this is what makes it an out-and-out classic.

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