Financial disparity has never been an easy subject, but it has finally become a subject of contention in all fields of life. There have been a few actresses from Bollywood that have spoken about the pay disparity between them and fellow male actors. Yami Gautam admits that it is an issue that will take some time as there is a fear of judgement and negative press.

As according to Asian Age, Gautam said, “People don’t express a lot of things. There is a sense of fear that if you say something, you will be judged, or will make headlines for the wrong reasons. It’s a complex issue; nobody wants to upset anyone. There are a couple of things that will take time, but they will happen eventually. Someone with a strong opinion just has to take up the initiative. Finances are very important in a place like Mumbai. But I have never let go of a film just because of the money. But that’s a subjective thing, it depends on the person. I’ve done ads for money, but not films. In fact, I remember letting go of projects that would make me good money at a time when I wasn’t financially strong. I decided that I would cut down on a couple of things, but I wouldn’t do films just for the money.”

Gautam was last seen in ‘Batti Gul Meter Chalu ‘ (2018).